Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guess Whos Back, Back Again!

Hello All!
I was just reading my dear friend Cina's blog and noticed she is a fan of my blog....which has not been updated for TWO years? Wow, reallllly sorry about that. So I have the day off, why not let the blogging world know Im still alive ehh? Im going to tell you right now...I make no promises to be consistent, BUT I will certainly try to be more consistent then I have been.
So whats new with me you ask? Hmm...well lets do some bullet points shall we:
  • Moved to Chicago
  • Married Steven Ray Newman
  • Colored my hair (which needs to happen again)
  • Got a new car
  • Bought myself (and my sister) a new gnome, he sandstone
Well I think that covers the big items. Married lifes been a real hoot, as has Chicago. The puppies are really diggin the city...though I think it might be time for them to get new coats.

The driving in the city has not been so good. Its not that Im scared to do it, its just that Im really bad at it. Today I hit a truck with my rear view mirror, driving Steven to work. Luckily for me, Ive got those bad boys that tuck in when they get hit by something. Just a scratch. Im also really bad with directions so Im constantly getting lost, even in situations I totally shouldnt be getting lost in. Oh well, now when Steven looks perplexed when I tell him the route I took home, I simply say "well I took that way because I havent really been down that street and I wanted to check it out" Lets just say Ive checked out a lot of streets my friends.

The area we live in is what Steven calls "on the fringe." Its not a terrible area, but a lot of shadeballs a block behind us. Its been pretty entertaining. I would like to share some things Ive seen right outside (or inside) my building. Mother if you're reading this, you might want to stop now.

  • I was a listening witness to our downstairs neighbor getting stabbed and the fight with the police that ensued
  • Ive seen a late teen young man dealing drugs off of a bicycle. In front of my building. To a young teen man in my building.
  • There is a man that I believe lives in his car parked outside of our building every. single. night. Weird thing is, he has a very nice car...SUV must get terrible gas mileage.
Naturally, we made the decision to have ADT installed. My country ass mother got MORE worried about us getting ADT than she did us not having it. Im still trying to figure out her logic. On the flip side, were in a convenient spot, and the rent is very reasonable. duh.

But I think we have decided on our game plan a little earlier than anticipated. So the next year should look something like this:
  • Get myself a job in the city and finally stop the unbelievable commute to the troll hole at Blue Chip
  • Per Stevens promise, immediately get another puppy after the new job (because I can THATS why)
  • By a condo thats mice free, drug free, stabbing free
  • Walk to every store I can so I can use my little red trolley that I received off of my registry to carry all my purchases
  • Get into running, get my lazy ass dogs into running.
I dont know what you think, but I think thats a pretty exciting list. especially the trolley.

Alright, Im outta here

Saturday, November 15, 2008

puppies be sheddin!

Well HELLO friends! Bet you thought I was done with this whole blog thing. Oh contraire'. I have just been a busy little bee, with the new job and all. Mucho has happened since the last post. Let me throw some atcha.

Emma Gregorio Wedding.
  • What a blast to see everyone! Emma looked fabulous as usual and what a lovely color to pick for the bridesmaids dresses. Very glam. Ms. Cina gave me the sole responsibility of taking photogs with her camera of the introduction of the wedding party. Of course Steven Ray Newman had to steal it from me and took photos of himself. Way to go Steve. I tried to get in the photos myself BUT hes got a knack of making them solo shots. Sorry Kacina! Pictures say a thousand words so KK must feel like SRNs BFF. OH! How could I forget, wouldnt you know on the way out of the bathroom my hair got caught on the coat hooks. OF COURSE.

  • If anyone knows me you know this day (apart from my birthday of course) is indeed my favorite holiday. As far as Halloweens go, this one...not so much fun. I was told on my first week of work dressing up for Halloween is a must. No problem. However, my department decided to do a Wizard of Oz theme, and guess what choices were left: blue monkey or munchkin. So I went as a freakin munchkin. Due to my height no one could guess, until I told them. Which kinda ruins it.
  • Think thats bad? The real party we went to was at Stevens Law School. We went as the Marilyns (M. Monroe and M. Manson). Well around elevenish I was kicked out of the party because the host commitee was informed I was vomiting in the bathroom. To set the record straight right away, this was completely false. I am not sure if there was anyone vomiting in the bathroom or not but it certainly wasnt me. It was all very dramatic and just confirms the belief I hold that these law school kids are worse than highschoolers. One more year. One more year.
Meatballs Birthday!
  • My Bulleted Listlittle baby meatball turned one on November Third. Hes growing up so fast! He received six pieces of bacon, which he so gracefully shared with his little brother, and a roll of toilet paper. He went crazy. His favorite babysitter Katy gave him some treats as well, however, he will only eat snausages and so his brother got those as well.
Im sure theres more to tell but that is all i can think of. Puppies are well, they are shedding like crazy because SRNs bathroom is mucho hot in the winter. They also have their halloween costumes for next year (pirates!) thanks to their awesome aunt luella. I am really enjoying my job a lot and cant believe I been at it for a month! Wowzas. With that said its probably been a month since Ive cleaned ye old apt. Its really bad, Loren and Andrea decided to sneak on by and teepee and silly string my apt. Oh well, on the to do list.

In other news, due to the high cost of kings of leon tickets on my birthday weekend I am thinking I want to go to Medival Times instead. Hopefully it works out, cross your fingers!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So today Ive realized growing up on a farm is great for responsibility not so good for grooming a child to be a good parent. Why do you ask? Well today my friends, we had a bit of a "puppy emergency." My darling baby Meatball seemed to have bit his baby brother Sir Charles in the face a little too hard. I get a call at work from Steven Ray frantically telling me that the puppy's "eye is dented in" Aye Aye Aye. Anywho, what is my first thought? Just wait it out for a few days and much more evil thoughts in regards to if the bill will be high. Bad Larissa, what is wrong with me? By Steven's suggestion he rushes the puppy to the vet, blowing red lights along the way. Clearly the more concerned parent. I finish up with my client and follow lead, only I miraculously got green lights the whole way.

To make a long story s
hort, the puppy will be fine (as Steven put it the "popped his eye back out" and just needs a shit ton of eye drops for a couple of days), Steven is the hero of the hour, and Larissa is questioning on how hurt a child would have to be till she took him to the doctor. Steven and I may just make a great team after all. Maybe I should frame a sign in my home that says "Children are not farm animals." The guest might question it but I'll keep in check.

In other news, got some awesomely giant pumpkins for the low cost
of $3.99 at the grocery store in Demotte. Hells yes! They are just rolling around in my car till I convince Steven to carry them BOTH up.

Thats all for now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drop your pants!

So last night Steven Ray Newman and I drove up to Chicago to have dinner with his brother Jeff. We ate at Gibsons. This was my first time eating at a Chicago steak house. When Jeff was informed of this he told me to "Drop my pants." I guess this was in reference to my virgin status in the steak house category, but I thought odd to suggest none the less. Anywho. Jeff was a lot of fun. He is now ranked among the top of my faves on the Newman list. Steven had the prime rib, it was insanely big. I had the filet mignon. Can I tell you the most astonishing thing about the whole experience was how big their asparagus was. I could not believe it! I felt like I was willy wonka in the chocolate factory. How do they grow it that big? Just blows my mind.

We eventually made it home where two puppies were patiently waiting for some delicious prime rib. Lucky dogs.

In other news, I have discovered I am able to make it to Emma's reception after all. I will be a tad late, so nobody leave till I get there. This ESPECIALLY pertains to you miss L.S. I am pretty excited. I have even convinced Steven Ray Newman to accompany me, so we should have some very nice dry wit to go with the draft beer and green beans. YES.

Last b
ut not least, a shout out to my newest cousin. Axel Jesiah Clemons is now two months old. His proud mama is my cousin Amie. You know her as the cute pixie that makes the lovely cakes. I am told mister Axel enjoys sitting in as supervisor when Amie is on a cake mission.

Thats all for now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Well HEY guys!

So I'm breaking down and blogging. Why? Well because so many people are interested in my life. Duh. Anywho. I wont go into old details, as I think it will be more fun for you to find out old stuff along the way. I will tell you though, I can guarantee this blog is going to have A LOT of puppy chat in it. I like dogs, especially MY dogs. So if they bore you, just stop reading right now.

Not a whole lot going on today, as it is one of my days off. I am contemplating going and getting my drivers license changed to my Valpo address, but not sure if I have the drive to change out of my Hardees sweatshirt or not. Because lets face it, whos going to take me seriously when I bust out my license and
Im wearing a vintage Hardees sweatshirt?
I went earlier today to fill out the paperwork for my new job. If you havent already heard, in about three weeks time I will be an H.R. Specialist for Bluechip Casino. Hoorah. I must say I left a little vexed. They told me before I came I would be required to do a drug test via my hair. Since Im only a frequenter of allergy meds I wasnt too worried. In my head I visioned them taking a single strand, CSI style. Little did I know Receptionist Judy would be cutting a massive chunk out of the back of my head! Im no stranger to bald spots, as I have alopecia aereta (total guess on the spelling) so Judy could comfort me all she wants with "oh it looks like a lot but only your hairdresser will be able to tell," LIES I know that Im gonna have a funny patch of hair stickin out when that shit decides to grow back!

Well when I got back to Valpo I decided I needed a little retail therapy, Target' style. So I busted out the old credit card got my self some new pantolones, silicone cupcake pan, a date book, and new toys and cat litter for the puppies. Im hoping this doesnt become a new trend with the new job, but I think as long as Ju Ju stays away from my locks I should be okay.

In other news, Im on the borderline for pro status in Wii bowling.

Thats all for now.